Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A Solution to Pre-Dinner Nagging

I don't know if this is common to most households, but in our house from about 4.30pm there is an incessant dialogue (read whinging) along the lines of 'when is dinner?' 'what's for dinner?' 'I'm hungry!'.
It frustrates me.
It drags me down.
Most importantly, it really doesn't make me get dinner to the table any faster.

It seems obvious to me now that rather than trying to negotiate with terrorists, I needed to take a pre-emptive strike.

So, I now start my dinner-prep by chopping a plate of vegetables to put out on the table. Two of my children are happy to eat vegetables at dinner, one is not. It is that one who tends to complain most of being hungry before dinner.

These days, if there are still vegetables on the table, there is no legitimate reason for anyone saying they are hungry. As a bonus, it takes the pressure off worrying about making a perfectly balanced dinner as I know they have already had their vegetables.

Do your children complain about being hungry before meal times? Do you have a good solution? 
I'd love to add more solutions to my arsenal :)

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x Sannah

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Rainbow Cat

How did it suddenly become July?

This is my little Rainbow Cat.

I like her expression. I love that she is staring into the lens.

What makes this a really good photo however is the light. Photography, nearly always about the light. Take a pic in the first or last couple of hours of sunlight, and it will be a much better photo than in the middle of the day. Softer light. No harsh shadows.

Do you think about light when you take photos?

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