Friday, 20 January 2012

Grateful - For Choice

This week has made me realise, more than ever, how lucky I am. And the thing that I have (and most of us as Australians have) that many people around the world don't have is choice. 

 My life is full of choice sometimes.

Should I go back to uni? What should I study? Should I get a job? Should I be a full time mum? Should I try and be a consultant? Should I try and do the couch to 5k? Should I home school? Should I save for private schools? What should I have for dinner?

Sometimes the choices scare me. Sometimes it feels overwhelming.

But I am SO lucky. Because I have choice.

The women who work overseas and only get to see their children a couple of times a year, and miss out on seeing their children grow up do it because they don't feel they have a choice.

People risk their lives fleeing their countries - because they feel like they don't have a choice.

Many people around the world live their lives without choice.

I am so blessed to have so many choices, and today I am very grateful for that. 

Do you feel that you have choices? 
Are you grateful for them, or do you find them overwhelming? 
And have you ever realised how weird the word 'choice' looks when you look at it for too long? 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Love that we live in such a wonderful country to have sooo many choices, we are lucky compared to many in the world.

  2. Absolutely.
    Such a worthy grateful.
    We are blessed with choice. Too much on most days!

    1. It definitely feels like too much on some days, but I guess better that than too little :)

  3. I am one who often feels overwhelmed by choice but I am truly grateful to be spoiled in that regard.

    1. Well Deb, I am counting on your SYL to help cut down the overwhelming feeling from too much choice this year ! (no pressure of course!) xx S.

  4. I am often left floundering at the staggering amount of choices we have to make each day. I wish for simplicity. Your post has reminded me that there are far worse things in life than abundant choice. Thank you, Sannah. x

    1. I wish for simplicity too Bron, so much of the time, but I know I am so blessed to have choice, (if only someone else would choose what we have for dinner!!) xx S.