Monday, 2 January 2012

Things that make me happy #1

 Just this moment I had a little epiphany. I have vaguely been thinking about making resolutions, but I am really not a New Years Resolutions kind of girl. Probably too scared of failure. Then I was looking through my recently downloaded photos and thinking that so many of them are things that make me happy. I feel joy when I look at them.  So, I have decided that in the weeks ahead I might try and blog about the things that make me happy.

I am hoping that if I try and relinquish the goal setting, and instead just concentrate on the feelings of joy, that will in turn make me try and do things that give me joy and make me happy more often.

I have recently discovered that growing mushrooms makes me happy. 

Look at those beautiful swiss browns...

They start looking like normal mushrooms and then you come back a few hours later and they have exploded into beautiful plump lumps of goodness.

I had no idea that growing fungus would give me so much joy...
 What gives you joy?

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  1. This keeps popping up today, this idea of joy... Here's one of the bits I read that feels like it connects to your thoughts. It's from Naomi Aldort's parenting newsletter:

    “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
    When actions come from another section, the feeling disappears.
    Don't let others lead you...”
    - Rumi, from the his poem: Moving Water

    Naomi’s comment: “Doing from your soul” is the opposite of doing from your habit or from your emotional reaction.