Thursday, 25 August 2011

Take a Walk - Write on Wednesdays

She grabbed the end of the dog's lead, and the grubby fat starfish hand of her toddler and they started up the hill. Always uphill wasn't it? Like a metaphor for her life. The first few steps were blissful, peaceful, the cool air touching her cheeks, the warm suns rays struggling to break through the clouds. And then it started. It always did didn't it? Within a few meters of starting out? The tugging and pulling, the puppy wanting to race ahead, jumping around with excitement, the toddler stopping to look at a flower, the toddler's hand slipping out of mine as she chased a butterfly, or a feather, or a bird, the puppy finding something disgusting to smell, and stubbornly refusing to budge. It would go on like this, until the toddler's legs started to give in to tiredness, and she would block me mid-stride with her arms in the air, nearly toppling me every time. I would heave all 16 kiliograms of her into the air and onto my hip, then two minutes later she would want to walk again, then carry.... It was always the same. Life. Trudging uphill, being pushed and pulled in ever direction. Up and down. The way of the world. The way of her life.

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  1. BEAUTIFULLY written! Sounds just like our walks also!

  2. And you took a puppy with you on your walk? You're brave. I couldn't do it when I went walking with my 2 toddlers. LOL It was beautiful to read.

    Anne xx

  3. Beautifully written & forever grateful that my children didn't hit 16kg until they were in primary school & could run faster than our German Shepherd -- i was left behind looking at the flowers. Love Posie

  4. 'fat starfish hand' - gorgeous description.
    Very readable.

  5. I can relate to this! This has some really nice phrases: the fat starfish hand, the feeling of being toppled every time.
    Just watch switching between first and third person. I do this with present and past tense ... don't tell anyone ;)

  6. "Always a metaphor for her life" - I love that line. I guess seeing it in a positive manner would mean success and happiness.=)