Friday, 12 August 2011

This week I am grateful for... family (and giggles and snorts)

This week my husband and I celebrated (a little prematurely) our 10 year anniversary. So this week, I have been thinking about our relationship a lot.

I am grateful that we are still happily married after 10 years
I am grateful that we had the confidence in our relationship, and ourselves to take the plunge when we were surprised by finding out we were pregnant while still at Uni
I am grateful to all the people who backed us up and supported our decision
I am SO grateful that we have 3 beautiful, healthy children. So grateful.
I am grateful for their sweet little laughs, the warmth of their little bodies, and the scent of their fuzzy heads.
I am grateful that they find joy in everything - and this week, they found a lot of joy in this pear that looks like a bottom. Their giggles and snorts were contagious.

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  1. Congratulations on 10 years, some lovely things to be thankful for. And that pear is a bit funny!

  2. Love that pear! Congratulations on your 10 years, these days that something to shout about! xx

  3. A decade, how lovely. Big congrats!

    I love 'the scent of their fuzzy heads'. Adorable!

  4. Oh, this is so cute! I just love that pear, and can imagine those giggles and snorts too!

    Happy anniversary. I think ten years is quite a milestone these days ;) xx

  5. love the pear! happy 10 years. beautiful.

  6. Happy anniversary. Sounds like 10 beautiful years and so much to be grateful for x (that pear is very funny indeed!)

  7. Well at least it won't have any trouble finding the right type of clothing for its body shape - A-line skirts work best.

    Happy day with lots more giggles ahead,

    xx Felicity

  8. That really is a bottom pear, isn't it?

    Congratulations on 10 great years together. A decade of happy marriage is a very happy decade indeed. x

  9. Thanks for all you congratulations!
    And I'm glad that so many of you appreciated the pear. Amazing how many giggles a piece of fruit can get from a couple of primary school boys!
    I love your suggestion Felicity, I'd be very tempted to make it one, but I think it has already been eaten :)
    Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

  10. Fruit with personality! Very cool, I would be giggling too. Congrats on your 10 years together :)

  11. Many congrats, and hello too, I'm visiting the lovely Weekend Grateful. Love what you write about your children. I must show my kids the rude pear!