Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Write on Wednesdays

The task at hand piqued her curiosity, she felt alive and on fire. The sweet scent of the honeysuckle that had been grabbed off the vine and shoved into the drinking glass yesterday wafted over to her from where it sat carelessly on the window sill. Just yesterday an English woman, new to the country, had turned to her and asked in a tone of desperation 'when is it exactly that summer arrives in Australia?', she had spoken through the dreary cold rain that had been monotonously drivelling like a teething baby's drool. I had no idea, as I have not spent a full year in the city, but at that point in time it felt as though the winter would never end; that there would be no end to the rain. How then, had spring miraculously appeared overnight? The sky was a never-ending blue, the sun streamed through every window in the house. Surely anything was possible. 

Obviously it would be nice if this was actually going somewhere, and a bit more polished, but that's all you get in 5 minutes :)
Task was to write 5 minutes on the word 'Piqued'.

Joining in with inkpaperpen and her WoW

Write On Wednesdays


  1. Hi Sannah

    Mmmm Honeysuckle - I remember as a child picking the flowers and sucking the sweet nectar from them. They look a lot like Jasmine flower too.

    have a happy day



  2. Rain like a baby's drool - that is a wet winter! :)

  3. Love your description of winter :) Sounds like it's set in Melbourne! lol.

  4. This Englishman is shocked that it is ever anything but sunny down-under! ;)

    A nice descriptive piece. Well done.

  5. Lovely description. Makes me miss the honeysuckle that bloomed as if it were on Miracle Grow this past summer.

  6. SOunds like a Melbourne Winter for sure! I am certain it will end soon... I'm so looking forward to Spring, Summer and warmth.

    Nice piece :)

  7. A sensory piece Sannah.
    The scent of Honeysuckle is so strong that it was easily evoked and the descriptions of the weather and the light put me directly into the space.

    I would love to know what the task at hand might have been to have piqued 'her' interest.

    xx Felicity

  8. Bingo! Melbourne it is!

    Thanks for all your lovely comments! Defintely out of my comfort zone, but fun to do :)

    It is back to being cold and wet today, so I think my main character has decided to give up on her exciting task that 'piqued' her interest and has gone to curl up in bed with a nice hot milk and brandy instead. Hopefully she might think of dragging herself back into my fictional world by next Write on Wednesday!

    Loulou, I am pretty sure my picture is Jasmine isn't it? I always get them mixed up, but just love the sound of the word 'honeysuckle'!

  9. I can't say how pleased I was to read your comment last night saying that you had linked up! As for your husband's comment about catching up with the last 10 exercises, well, let me know if you do but of course no pressure!

    I am glad you came out of your comfort zone for us, you have given us a sensory experience. I loved the smell of honeysuckle and the rain like baby drool. I too would like to know what the task at hand was? Welcome to WoW! Now, you have done it once I hope you will look forward to joining in again.

    Gill x

  10. Hi Sannah. This was great. I picked it for Melbourne too. My kids were swimming at the beach in Brisbane today and it was overcast! LOL So great you could join in. Looking forward to reading more from you. (Have been enjoying your photos.)

    Anne xx

  11. I will start by saying that you have some very beautiful photos on here. You also did a great job with this prompt. I have childhood memories of honeysuckles. This brought them back and made me smile.

  12. I have to admit, I've never seen honey suckle my whole. I am from the Philippines and I guess, it's rare here. But the way you describe and incorporate it in the story, I felt like I was brought to Australia! Nice piece!



  13. Beautifully written...this Texas gal is wishing she lived in Australia this time of year! Heck, I would settle for visiting some day!!

  14. Lovely descriptions of the weather! Actually right about now, I'd love for this piece to be a psychic prediction - does you character happen to live in Melbourne, LOL!

  15. Well, glad you're joining in and loved it! I could almost smell the honeysuckle...!

  16. So lovely that you are joining in! Congrats on your first piece, it is lovely and descriptive.