Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Point + Shoot

Cinnamon scrolls we made yesterday
it's fun playing with the dough!
Molly May has disappeared!

And a black and white one for the black and white photography fans out there!

Playing along with Sunny+scout


  1. Hi, I found you via your comment at Maxabella's place. I liked your comments about your blog and it's relative newness. Mine is new too, and I'm not really sure how I feel about it, or what I want it to be either. Love your photos!

  2. We are completely, totally and utterly addicted to cinnamon scrolls at our place. Badness but oh so goodness at the same time!!! x

  3. Hi Sannah

    I can smell them - they look so good and rustic - I love cinamon flavour and it is so good for you too!

    nice pics - can I ask you to share with me what camera do you use and do you recommend it


  4. Maxabella, scrolls are wonderful aren't they? I imagine they are NOT good for my hips, but soooo yum!

    Jen, thanks for you comments, I have now visited your blog too - nice to meet a fellow newbie!

    Loulou - thanks for pointing out that cinnamon is good for you, I was just guilty about having the sugar that I have been trying to give up! and so glad that you like the pics. I use a Canon EOS 1000D which is just the entry level DSLR (on sale this week actually, i think at dick smith for around $650 with 2 lenses - bargain!). I love my camera, but wish I could afford to buy more lenses! A lot of people I know have Nikons and are just as happy with them as I am with the Canon. Someone I know suggested that with a camera (and equipment), buy the best that you can afford at the time.

  5. Cinnamon is supposed to be a cure for all sorts of things - must be why it feels so good eating it. New blogger too - finding it addictive - much like cinnamon scrolls. It's like having a diary to share, more inspiring than just writing for myself. I haven't figured out what I want to put in or what it's all about, will be great to look back on and inspires me to be a little more adventurous and notice all the lovely things happening in my life. Great way to while away a sickie week.

  6. Hi Kirsty! Blogging is addictive isn't it? Great to hear that others are like me and haven't figured out what they want it to be about. I love how you say that it makes you a little more adventurous and noticing the lovely things happening in your week - that is EXACTLY how I am feeling at the moment. I am spending more time on the computer, but feeling like I am living my life more fully and better as a result - weird!

  7. Oh, these photos are absolutely adorable! (and so are cinnamon scrolls ;-)