Monday, 8 August 2011

Beaten by the Buffet

Yesterday Papa Bear and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. It is a little premature as our anniversary isn't until next month, but as my MIL is here, we decided to take advantage of having an onsite babysitter. It is the first time since Molly May was born that I have been away from her overnight.

Back in 2001, we got married on a beach in Samoa. I remember us discussing what we would do for our 10 year wedding anniversary, how is would be nice to bring our future children to Samoa to celebrate. How expectations change! Just having a night out at a hotel (5*) was the epitomy of luxury as far as I am concerned!

We stayed at the Windsor, because I liked the idea of staying somewhere old-fashioned. I happened to mention that we were celebrating our anniversary with hope that they might give us an extra nice room. They gave us an exquisite room, AND a bottle of pink French champagne! I was so touched, it was just beautiful, I started to cry. I got myself back together, and Papa Bear made sure I was nicely lubricated with champagne before dinner. He also joked that we should make a habit of letting Hotels know that it is our 10 year anniversary, 'even when we have the kids?', I asked? - 'especially when we have the kids!!', he replied.

After three months of watching Masterchef, I wanted to go somewhere good for dinner, but knew that Papa Bear would probably feel a bit ripped off if we paid $50 for a main that only had three small bits of food on it, as seems to be the high level food fashion these days. After a bit of research I came across Melba at Southbank. Melba takes all you can eat buffet dining to a whole new level. The view over the river is gorgeous, and it is nicely glitzy. There were piles of prawns, smoked salmon, oysters, crab, bugs - yum. There was a sushi and sashimi station, tandoori station (made to order naan), made to order pasta and stirfry station, carvery (yummy duck pancakes), a cheese station, and of course the all important Dessert station (I let myself have a night off the no-sugar challenge, I went crazy!!). I knew that I would have to be careful and be picky if I was to get through everything, seeing as I have had trouble eating since being sick. I didn't overdo anything, but when I woke up this morning my first thought was 'Ohmigod! I didn't do the cheese station!!!'. I feel like I let myself down. I was beaten by the buffet.


    It sounds like it was a wonderful evening!

  2. sounds like a perfect evening, cheese station or not :) happy anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary! It sounds superb. A great idea to grab the opportunity.
    Lucky you - I've never been to the Windsor.

    Yr comments box doesn't want me to post again: I had to try a few times.

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog- always lovely to have comments and new followers, too!
    I just had to come see you- I love the name of your blog and I must say, it is very cosy here.
    I think your writing is very interesting- especially the pieces about anxiety (I suffered a mild bout after my first baby- horrid time)
    Am new follower so I can keep in touch!
    BTW I would have absolutely stuffed myself at the gorgeous-sounding buffet. I am drooling reading about it!!
    Have a good week.

  5. Happy anniversary!!! Glad you got a night off :)

  6. That looks like a gorgeous weekend, congratulations. We just celebrated 20 years together and did the hotel in town and nice dinner thing too. It is the height of luxury after having 3 kids, they're wonderful but nice to have looked after by someone else occasionally. I like the sound of the buffet, usually there a bit yuck but that sounds amazing

  7. Thanks for the congratulations! Really can't believe that it was 10 years ago (almost) that we got married!
    @ Kirsty - 20 years, wow! That's amazing! Good to hear you got a night off too :)