Friday, 19 August 2011

Sweet, sweet, Igloo*

Igloo - made from sugar cubes. 
Made blue in lightroom because it reminds me of the Ice Hotel in Sweden

 First make some royal icing

 Then make a layer of sugar cubes and icing like this - the more hands the better!

 Make sure you have a two-year old handy to lick the beaters**. Then laugh at her 'icing beard' to make her grumpy.

Make another layer of sugar cubes using the icing as your cement.   

Then go and have a shower with the two year old and leave the Igloo building to the engineer of the house. 
With a great deal of difficulty and huffing and puffing, when you return from the shower, the Igloo should look something like this. 
Good enough to eat?

* Warning, reading the following post might be enough to give you diabetes. 
** Please disconnect beaters before giving to your child :)


  1. Hi Sannah

    thank god I read your tip re the beaters - I always forget that one :)))

    you are an amazing little creative one aren't you?!

    I love it - I think that is a fabbo idea for children

    have a great weekend


  2. Love the disclaimers! Gave me a good hearty chuckle.

  3. That's adorable and I LOL'd at your disclaimers as well! x

  4. I love this! Such a great idea :)