Monday, 15 August 2011

Showering in Peace

Playing leaf-boat races in the stream this weekend, but nothing to do with post, except that they both have water in them
My shower this morning, I decided not to tell anyone, and to have it alone for a change. 5 minutes of blissful peace; or so I thought.

Within a minute Molly May had found me, so I asked if she wanted a shower too? 'No, I don't want a shower' she replied; are you sure? 'I don't want a shower today!'.

Rocket (opening door of shower and letting gust of freezing air in): 'Mum! I know that dad said that he just wanted me to make him a bookmark for father's day (three weeks away); but that just doesn't seem like enough, can you find me some things, so that I can make something else?'

Me: 'What things?'

Rocket: 'I'm not sure; maybe some paper, and some texta's; I just don't think that a bookmark is enough'.

Me: 'Do you think maybe this can wait until I get out of the shower?'

Meanwhile... Molly May pokes her head in the shower and says 'Mum! I'm playing with this one! (my make-up); and I put it here, here, and here (pointing at various places on her face)'.

Me: 'Great Molly! Can you put the lid on and put it back until I get out?' (noticing that the sponge looked suspiciously like it had teeth marks on it)

Zander and Rocket at the doorway of shower start doing a dance in and out of the the bathroom in sync, singing together 'Put the lid on! Put the lid on!'

Oh my goodness, they are turning my life into a musical. I cut my losses and hop out.


That bathroom door REALLY needs a lock on it.

Do you shower in peace? Do you have a chance to get 5 minutes alone time during the day?
Does all your makeup have teeth marks in it?
Do you sometimes feel that your children are turning your life into a musical?


  1. Oh for a peaceful shower. At least those noises were harmonious, I could hear yelling and then crying this morning. They worked it out, but then came to discuss many important things while I got dressed. Organised 2 year old while in my freezing undies, who decided that getting changed was an urgent affair. Lots of singing here too, I like the Cabaret though, some great lyrics to make me smile. Son's friend dropped my mascara down a hole in the wall but no teeth marks yet. Love a bit of quiet garden time if I can sneak it in, unfortunately the little one thinks she may not need a day time nap anymore. Great post, totally relate.

  2. It is is rare that I get a shower alone...or to go to the toilet alone. Apparently, even that is too much to ask!


  3. It's gonna be another 15 years before you can expect 5 minutes alone :)

  4. Kirsty, I agree that at least they were good noises. It is no fun at all when you are showering or going to the toilet and you suddenly hear yelling or crying. Not good that the little one might be ending her daytime nap. I thought the same thing with my little one a couple of weeks ago, but it seems to be back with a vengeance - thank god! i really need it!

    InkPaperPen - I know what you mean! I am going to try and get 5 mins today to write with you!

    Silver Strands - 15 years more of this?!?! It has already been 9 and a half, I should be used ot it by now really :) Will I miss it when it's gone!?

  5. Ooooh, fabulous! I hope you find your 5 minutes...I'd love to have you join in! x

  6. I too have tried to have the sneaky quite peaceful shower, but it never seems to work here either. Gotta love that blast of freezing cold air when they open the door! It's not my makeup that gets used, it's the pump pack of moisturiser that gets slathered all over little people's bodies, lucky it's only the cheap supermarket variety!

  7. Hi Sannah. What a fun blog! I personally love showers every morning with my 19 month old girl. She stands at my legs, holding them. we could be there all day I think, she and I. It is a beautiful peaceful time. I initially brought her in with me because she didn't like baths, and it was the only way to calm her when she cried like crazy as a tiny tot. Now that she is bigger and happier, she still prefers showers. And I am glad she wants them with me, because I love it.