Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Dirty Roll - aka my head is going to explode

The dirty roll

Molly May: 'My sausage is hot! I want it chopped! I don't want it chopped! I want it in here! In my roll! It's hot! (takes sausage out), My roll is dirty! I can't eat it now its dirty! I want a clean roll!

Rocket: 'It's okay Molly, it's better that way, it tastes good!',

Molly May: 'No-o! Not better. You go to the Doctor to get better. A doctor makes you better. One day Bear (the dog) was coughing in the laundry, so we took him to the Vet to make him better. You and Me and Mummy and Zander took Bear to the Vet to make him better'.

The Rocket: 'What about Daddy?'

Molly May: 'No, Daddy is at work. I need a new roll.' 

Are there things in your day that make you feel like your head is going to explode?
Please share! - It might help make me feel more human :)


  1. The incessant talking... It's 2.14pm here and in another hour I will walk up and pick up my boys and the talking will start and keep going for four straight hours... Just the thought of it makes me want to cry! For the past 5 hours it's just been me and Squishy - and Squishy understands the value of quiet togetherness... But I'm still dreading 3.30 and the onslaught of talking...

  2. Haha! It sounds a lot like conversations between my husband and my two year old!!
    Just noise. I get so over constant noise! Also the constant changing mind of a toddler. It drives me crazy. One minute she wants Peter Pan, the next Gnomeo and Juliet. I can't keep up with her and am often busy with the boys and she's even learnt to say: "NO! Not inaminnut. NOW!"

  3. Oh I get this! So frustrating! You get to the point where all you want to say is 'just be quiet and eat your dirty roll!'
    Someone said to me yesterday, it's like having another voice in your head, and I think that pretty much sums it up!

    Thanks for linkng up!

  4. LOL LOL LOL! I totally get that.

    My Miss A was so tired one night recently at dinner time, she was at the table crying saying I want to go to bed. Okay I said and took her to her room, changed her into her pjs, then she's crying saying I want my dinner. I take her back out to the dining table and she's saying I want to go to bed.... anyways I end up feeding her her dinner in bed.

    It's exhausting.

  5. Haha, how cute! I so love conclusions made by kids! :)

  6. It's amazing how their minds work sometimes isn't it? Very funny!

  7. That's so cute! We don't have the incessant talk yet but we do have circular coversations that tangent into something else far too often. And I've realised you can't negotiate some things. The number of times we've said things like she can choose between bed or dinner, and she picks bed. Or ask her to pick between to options (as often advised by 'experts') and she refuses both. Who can fathom a toddler's logic!