Saturday, 20 August 2011

This week I am grateful for... friends and dad's who can make igloo's

I'm grateful for – new friends. Sometimes as a mum, it is hard to get to know other mums. Between irregular schedules, children interupting conversations, it is hard to get to know people. A night out at dinner with a few, can give clarity and depth to friendships. I am grateful for being welcomed into a circle of friends. I am also grateful for the good food and wine.

I am grateful for Husbands who can make Igloo.

I am playing along with the Maxabella and her weekly grateful.  


  1. Hello Sannah

    I am grateful for so many things.
    I am grateful for my family and to still have my mum & dad! I embrace as much of it as I can.

    I am grateful for starting a blog (after a long time deliberating). I am grateful to have found your blog in the last month.

    have a lovely weekend


  2. That blue is gorgeous, it's like your boys are glowing. Amazing how still they become when surrounded by all those sea creatures and water. One of our fav places to go.
    Lovely gratefuls.

  3. An igloo? I've gotta go and read that post!

    BEAUTIFUL image. x

  4. Yay, i LOVE my school mums, we're in gangs, different years & depending on how many children & which years, you can end up being in all sorts of groups - dinner/ movies/ walking - i love it. The school gate is my therapy, nothing like chatting to parents in the same situation, i love it!! Love Posie

  5. Me too! Such a fantastically great group of girls! So glad you've joined the gang!

  6. P.S. that reminds me... to add your email address so that others can reply to your comments, you just need to tick the box for 'show my email address' in your profile.

  7. I'm loving getting to know the kindy mums at the moment too..
    as for the igloo post.. OMG.. Love it!! and the igloo just rocks!!

  8. I went to a meeting with some of our Year 3 mums this week and it made me so happy just ti be with people where I could chat about everything from nail polish through to results from a PHD study. Bliss. Glad you had such a great time x