Monday, 9 January 2012

SYL: Week 1

Week #1 Challenge: Create a list of everything that went “right” in 2011 

I find it hard to do things like this, I don't know whether it feels too much like conforming when it is someone else's questions, or whether it feels to self-indulgent to post on my blog, I really don't know why I don't like doing things like this. However, I think really highly of Deb from Home Life Simplified and I thought, what have I got to lose, so decided to give it a go.

What energised you?
Moving out of my comfort zone was something that energised me. It was hard initially, as I was outside my comfort zone in so many ways due to moving which was something I didn't have control of. I had to meet new people, at a new school, new playgroup. I had to get to know a new city. I found this really difficult, as I had been SO happy in Adelaide, and we had been part of a beautiful and loving community, that I actually spent a lot of time grieving over the loss of that at the beginning of 2011 I didn't want to try and replicate it in Melbourne, and found it hard to motivate myself to get out and meet people. While I haven't replicated what we had in Adelaide, I have met lots of really special people, and am much happier than I was at the beginning of 2011.

I have been blogging since the beginning of 2009, but at the beginning of 2011 I was inspired to be brave and go create a public blog. It made me feel energised, and being brave with sharing things on my blog also made me feel energised.
I also got out of my comfort zone and did a photography course, something I have wanted to do since I did photography in year 12 at school. I loved it immensely, and am so glad that I finally had the courage to put it as a priority and do it.

What made you feel happy?
Doing a photography course, cooking, cooking more, buying my Thermomix and learning how to use it, being creative, getting out of my comfort zone and experimenting with cooking, craft, trying to sew, blogging, photography, learning how to edit photos, sharing photos. seeing my children adjust to a new school and be happy there, getting to know new people and find some common interests and values, learning how to keep my house tidier through the Flylady.

What made you feel at peace?
Spending time with my family, taking photos, being at the beach.

What positive people lifted you up?
My husband, many of the women I met through playgroup, school, and through blogs; my children.

What filled your “tank”?
Celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary, trips to the beach, a trip away by myself, realising that having a perfect house doesn't matter to real friends or make your children happy, getting away on spontaneous trips and feeling free.

What worked to bring your family together?
Eating meals together, going to the beach, exploring things together, doing craft activities.

What is something that made you feel excited to dive right in?
2011 the things that made me really excited were photography, and experimenting with thermomix cooking.

What did you learn (positive things)?
That I feel passionate about photography, that I love being in the kitchen.

What are you grateful for?
My beautiful little family. So very, very grateful; each and every moment of every single day.

Despite my initial reluctance, I am so glad that I did this, as it has helped clarify a few things.

I think that a there are a few recurring themes here: I love photography, I love to cook, I love my family, and getting out of my comfort zone energises me. The beach makes me really happy too. 

Head over here to see more about the 52 week challenge.


  1. Wow 2011 has indeed been a busy year for you :) I'm so glad for everything positive that has happened for you. Oh and I'm highly jealous of your Thermomix!

  2. Sounds great, you did achieve alot in 2011, yes writing it down shows us just how much we csn do!

  3. They are definitely three very awesome things to be loving! Sounds like you had a very busy and great year!

  4. This is a fabulous reflection on a big year for you, I'm so glad it all worked out so well for you. I too thrive on being energised, even though it does mean moving out of my comfort zone. This is what I hope 2012 will bring for me. And I'm a Bayside Melbourne girl. xx

  5. Ames, maybe you can ask for a thermomix for your push present :)
    Thanks Jen R and Lyndal for your comments, I found it nice to reflect and realise what a long way we have come in 1 short year.
    Shelley! So glad that to hear you are a Melbourne girl - I was wondering which beach you lived near :) I am very jealous of you living near the beach. I wish melbourne bayside suburbs weren't so expensive!!
    x Sannah

  6. hehe - hence my blog title - I'm not kidding when I say I live in a Shoebox to have the beach at my door. :)

  7. I am so glad you decided to join in - i loved reading your post. I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone too and it is so cool to read that you are energised by doing that!