Monday, 6 June 2011


It seems that my need for spontaneity and escaping wasn't very much subdued by our little jaunt to NSW. On Friday I was reading Maxabella's post about planning her annual solo trip and how she had always wanted to go to Daylesford (thanks Maxabella for the inspiration!). Daylesford has been on my to do list since we lived in South Australia, where it was too far to go. However, seeing as we now live in Victoria I have been thinking I really should. So I decided that we would. Simple as that. No big planning, just getting organised the night before, and then we were in the car and on the road by 7.30am. It felt so good to not make a big deal about it, but to just enjoy the moment.
In Daylesford, the Farmers Markets were on where we got some beautiful organic veggies, and local honey; and the Maker's Markets were on which for some reason the rest of the family were not into as much as I was, so in the interest of family harmony I just had a quick look, then we headed to the bakery to buy some lunch (plus some sushi for Zander) then drove to the botanic gardens to have a picnic. The Gardens were beautiful, and completely deserted - we were the only ones there which made it even more special that it was just ours. We had lunch, walked to the top of the tower (where Zander and I both remembered that we are scared of heights, but managed (just) to get to the top and back down). Then went for a gorgeous romp through the gardens. When we came back to the carpark more people had arrived, so we left and went to have a look at the Lake and the Mineral Springs. BEAUTIFUL! Just coming to the end of it autumn glory, it was just divine. I would like to go again and spend several days, wandering the gorgeous shops, the lake, the gardens, and the mineral springs.
I have lots of pictures, but they are currently on the other computer, so I will upload soon.
Not only was it a beautiful day, but being spontaneous and getting out on roadtrips and into nature is making me feel so good at the moment. Where is your favourite place for a daytrip? Do you like to plan, or do you prefer to be spontaneous?


  1. This is a lovely post. You know I am all for being in the moment these days! I like day trips too, nothing like bundling the boys in the car and getting out of town. We have some good choices for day trips over this way, little towns called Bridgetown, Ballingup and Nannup. I did read Maxabella's post about Daylesford but I am afraid I am not sure where it is, my knowledge of Eastern States geography is not great! Sounds like my kind of place though, Gill xo

  2. If you do go to Daylesford (1.5hr from Melbourne by memory) you must try and stay at the Lark House..

    It looks amazing and they have out so much work into it xx

  3. I saw the Water Baby painting as your icon in someone's comments and had to come say "hello'. I have a print of that hanging up. I got it when I was pregnant with my first, it's so special. Now I'll go enjoy your blog!