Thursday, 9 June 2011


Last night, Molly May (aged 2) found it very difficult to get to sleep. She has been a bit sick, and although pretty much better now, her sleeping is just a little bit out of kilter. Usually the bedtime routine is fairly straighforward, we read her a story and then just stay with her until she falls asleep. Last night however, she wanted cuddles, and more cuddles, and to be sung to. She NEVER wants me to sing to her. The boys always wanted a song before bed, it was part of their routine, but Molly May objects very loudly to my singing. Last night she couldn't get enough of it, and when I picked her up she would drape her arms and legs around me ang go beautifully limp. On other occasions I may have found this frustrating, as there are usually so many things that need to be done in the evening, but last night I allowed myself to just be in the moment, and enjoy the fact that she needed and wanted me to comfort her. I soaked up the wonderful feeling we get as mums, when just being there is the best thing we can do for our babies.


  1. I truly believe the absolute best we can do is to just be there. I believe it is what they will remember, as will we!

    I am glad your little one is better Sannah!