Thursday, 16 June 2011

Experiencing Technical Difficulties.

Frosty Morning
 Love of my life's computer died. Although I say it is 'his', I used it daily, and as it is much faster and newer than mine, I use it for blogging. So, since it died last Thursday night, blogging activities have been much more difficult. Two days later when I was at the cinema with the boys, he sent me a text to say that the cord of MY computer was on fire. Not good at ALL! Cord problem has been rectified, but the good blogging computer has been couriered off for repairs, so there is a strange gap in our lives. I have tried to deal with this by going through boxes and boxes of my 'to be filed' stuff, and actually filing it. ICK!! It is a job I HATE!! I have been putting it off for years (literally). I have done a LOT in the last week, and feel a slight weight lifted. Not quite as pleasurable as blogging though.
On the up side, in the beginners photography class, we had had a small in-house competition, and I won! The photo I entered was of Melbourne Central, that I posted last week under 'perpective'.

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