Friday, 13 January 2012

Grateful - A Letter to my Mother

Dear Mum,

Thank you for the gentle start that you gave me in life. I am so grateful for your strength, in letting me be little.
I am so grateful that you didn't push me into things that I didn't want to do, that you always treated me with respect, treated me as a person.

I am so grateful that you didn't force me to be a 'Big Girl', that you allowed me to have a childhood, gave me the gift of being little.

I am so grateful that you had the confidence to let me have a dummy, and that even though there were negative comments, you didn't push me into giving it up before I was ready. You had the confidence in me, to let me decide when I was ready. You understood that it was important to me, and that it was important to my development to do it by myself, when I was ready, rather than being pushed into it.

Now, as a mother, I realise how strong you were, in letting me be quiet, and shy. That you provided lots of opportunities for me, but never pushed me into things. You seemed to know that I would do things when I was ready.

I remember 7 years ago, when Zander started preschool, and was so clingy. I couldn't understand why this was, and why I hadn't been clingy when I went to preschool. I couldn't remember any separation anxiety when I was at preschool, in fact I couldn't remember you leaving at all! I remember your calm reply 'I never left you alone at preschool'.

You were always by my side. You were always there for me. You let me grow; you let me understand that people would be there for me, that they wouldn't let me down.

Thank you for the wonderful beginning you gave me. It has made me who I am today. It has made me the Mother I am today. Each day my strength as a Mother grows, and that is because of you.

Love from your Daughter,

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  1. Sannah, this is absolutely gorgeous. Your mother is amazing. x

    1. She definitely is Maxabella, definitely. Thanks for visiting :)

  2. This is so beautiful. Sounds like you and your mom have a special relationship.

  3. I wanted a Mum like that, fantastic letter.

  4. What a wonderful post... I am sure your mum is feeling very loved!

  5. Such a sweet letter!
    I've got tears, it was beautifully written.