Friday, 6 January 2012


So, I have been thinking a lot this week about Joy. I truly believe it is the key to everything. Of course it isn't the only element, things like gratitude are also part of the picture, but how often do you stop for a second and concentrate on the joy that you feel?

Do you even know what you enjoy?

I think as mothers we can get so focused on getting things done, making things work, meeting other people's needs, that we forget what we enjoy, and even when doing things we enjoy, we don't have time to feel joy, and don't allow ourselves to feel joy. (I think instead our emotions are plagued by guilt).

When was the last time you felt really joyful about something? 
Real, true, unadulterated joy?

I have decided to do a 365 project, where I will aim to take a photo every day. Rash and reckless, I know.
I decided to do it about joy.  Things that give me joy, and I will try really hard to feel that joy when I look at the pictures.

For some completely unknown reason I felt compelled to blog about it too. Initially I was going to blog about it here, but decided instead to do it separately. It is called 365 Moments of Joy. It is completely in its infancy, but I hope it will change and grow over the next few weeks (and year!), and I would love it if you get a chance to visit.

What makes you happy?
Joining in with FYBF

Dismantling a ginger bread house gives my children joy :)


  1. My happy comes each day when i wake up. Knowing that a brand new day means I can create the life of my choosing. It's usually filled with joy (and gratitude) but sometimes I get the grumbles. After a day of the grumps the joy is magnified the following day out of sheer relief! LOL.
    Found you through FYBF
    Nice to meet you.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  2. Leanne, that is so beautiful. I love that you wake with joy knowing that you can create the life of your choosing. I am going to try and think of that first thing when I wake tomorrow morning. Thanks for stopping by, and lovely to meet you!
    x Sannah

  3. Sannah, that's wonderful - 365 moments of joy sounds very exciting!!! You should make a collage at the end of year and frame it!! x

  4. Ms Jelena, I love your idea of a collage!
    x Sannah