Friday, 6 January 2012

Grateful for SO much

I am so grateful for all the wisdom that I find on a daily basis through the internet. With a quick flick of my fingers I can contemplate quotes from amazing philosophers, and read inspiring blogs.

I thought that I would like to share a couple of the things that are inspiring me this week, and that I am very grateful for:

Finding Debra Dane and her site Home Life Simplified and an old post of hers about conformity

Soulemama for her story that resonated with me about being authentic, and how it is important to be able to sometimes say No.

I feel like I am making baby steps to the person I want to become, figuring out the life I truly want to live. This is happening because I am starting to be able to let go a little, be more mindful, more joyful, think less about tomorrow and more about the present, and be less fearful about making the 'perfect' choice.

Joining in with Maxabella, head over here for many other grateful posts.


  1. I think blogging is a wonderful friend to have by our side as we strive to find the life we know is right for us. The possibilities are endless and the support is incredible. Best wishes for a sterling new year, Sannah. x

  2. baby steps are great and i do think you are going to have a great year - I am glad we have connected now and look froward to this journey ahead!You are a sweetheart! (and I LOVE soulemama too)

  3. Hi, I only entered the blog world 6mths ago and have felt so blessed to also have these wise warm words at the touch of the keyboard :)

  4. Debra Dane's blog was most interesting. And controversial.
    Of course, at her N.Y. school where there was
    such diversity, how on earth could you conform? Arguably, you were conforming by not conforming.

    What she had, or gained, in fact is what we all want to give our children, which is confidence.
    Confident people will conform or not, as they choose.
    Children, like all of us, sometimes/often want to conform, to "fit in",and should, in my opinion be allowed to. Feeling "comfortable" will help their confidence, one hopes: being in a school of like-minded people also helps.
    I followed another of her links, where she speaks of getting public transport to school, and other freedoms her mother gave her. "The message said I trust you enough to let you find your own way."
    At 10 yrs, in Sydney, I caught a bus and 2 trains to school. I was several times verbally sexually attacked and threatened - and that was a very long time ago. I don't think that things have got any better, and tho' I would trust my own child, I do not trust circumstance or random others with my child.
    I sound as if I am just knocking what was in fact an interesting and inspiring blog - oops!