Friday, 11 November 2011

Grateful - For Dogs...

Dear Bear, when we brought you home on January 15, you were a tiny pup;

You were interested in your new home, and your new family, and they were interested in you

You weren't so sure of the cardboard box we had for you to sleep in
You didn't mind the pats though,
But you were happier when the other puppies got in the box with you.
Your new big brothers were so excited to have you at last,
They had been pretty sad about leaving all their friends in Adelaide, but you made it better,
You were so loved, from the first moment.
There was even another toddler in the house to play with, who knew you preferred your food out of the bowl,
And would share her dummy with you, until you started chewing through them,
You grew so quickly, and became a close companion, part of our family,
You liked to look after Molly as she played in the bath,
and liked it when she gave you drinks of water,
We all grew to love you very much, and we are so grateful that you are part of our family
And you were grateful we took you to the beach, even if you got car sick on the way.  You are such a handsome boy!

We love you SO much! Happy 1st Birthday Bear!!

(joining in with Maxabella's Grateful List)


  1. Beautiful post. I know the feeling. Dogs rule.

  2. Beautiful dog and lovely post - my kids are desperate for a dog. That last shot is amazing.

  3. What a gorgeous dog. I really like his name, it seems to suit him. We are contemplating a dog for the kids, but I think they might still be a bit young at 2 and 3.