Thursday, 3 November 2011

My (first) Creative Space

Today I am joining in here with Our Creative Spaces. I have been pursuing creative things more this year, especially in recent months, largely inspired by Emma from Frog, Goose and Bear.

This week I have finally made something which I have been planning on making since I saw it on Maxabella Loves when she started making rainbow tutus for her little girl's party.

Unforunately Molly won't try it on, so I don't know if it fits her, and I can't show a photo of her in it.


  1. It looks fantastic!!!! It definitely doesn't look like it's just made of knots on elastic! She is a funny girl - how could you not want to wear something so gorgeous!

  2. it looks so lovely. penny would be wearing that in a heartbeat. how clever of you. xo.

  3. it's so pretty! she'll come round, i'm sure, and never want to take it off!

  4. Wow, it's so pretty!! I can't imagine why Molly won't go there, but then I have given up trying to figure out our children's whims and wants! Thanks for the link, Sannah. x

  5. My son would totally go there!
    Love it.
    Hot glue and me don't mix but otherwise I'm there