Sunday, 30 October 2011

French Carbs, and other Joys of Life...

I am sitting here eating, at 6pm, some of the remnants of brunch. It has come straight out of the oven, and it is burning my thighs, as it is carefully cradled on a tea towel in my lap. What I am eating was meant to end up being a cinnamon scroll, but for some reason it didn't rise. The recipe failed me for the first time ever. So, instead of being a cinnamon scroll for breakfast, the dough has just been baked into rolls (without cinnamon), and is delicious, sweet and rich, and flaky (in a good way). Like a cross between brioche and croissants. Mmmmmm.....

This morning I had one of my oldest and dearest friends and her mum for brunch. I have been using my thermomix more frequently in the past couple of weeks, and starting to become more comfortable experimenting a bit. So, I was pretty excited about the prospect of visitors. I decided to make some cinnamon scrolls (which failed me! -  not in the thermomix), some brioche in the thermomix (I turned half the mix into cinnamon scrolls, and they were ok); I made some scones (not thermomix) made some butter to go with them in the thermomix, which I think I did for too long, as it was more like whipped butter, but still good. I also made some hummous, some dukkah, and we had some shop bought cheeses, and lots of fresh fruit. I just love brunch.

And it doesn't exactly fit in with brunch, but I have always wanted to make a Lemon Meringue Pie, so decided that today was the day. I was pretty happy with my first attempt.

What is your favourite Brunch food?
Do you like to experiment with your cooking?


  1. Hope you had a lovely brunch with your friends. It sounds so yummy and tempting.

  2. Smoked salmon is always my fav, but I hardly ever get brunch. The pie looks divine.

  3. That looks delicious and that photo is fantastic! I love love lemon meringue pie.