Friday, 7 October 2011

Do you Geocache?

Found! Yay!
This week a friend of mine suggested we go Geocaching. Geocaching is a relatively new thing, as far as I know, and I had never come across someone who knew much about it, but when I first heard about it last year, it sounded seriously fun, so my answer was 'definitely'!.

Geocaching is described as a global treasure hunting game where participants locate hidden physical containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share their experience online.

There are quite a few Geocaching Apps, but we used one called Apparently Geochachers have hidder Geocaches on ever contintent from Antartica to North America. I was really surprised to hear that there were quite a few in our suburb, including one at the top of our street!

Can you see it under the leaves?
We found two Geocaches, before the smallest two in our group began to fade a little, and we decided it was time to retire for the day. Inside the Geocaches are small items that you can swap with items of your own. The children swapped for tiny dice, pencils, rubbers, and stickers. It was all very exciting!

It's a great way to spend some time outside, and there are some little people in our house who are looking forward to doing it again soon!


  1. Sounds awesome! I'd be keen to give it a go sometime. Love the idea.

  2. This sounds fab - I've signed up for me and th eboys and they are made keen to go and find their first geocache after school today. Thye have found roughly where one is just up the road fro us and are both really excited...

    Thanks for that

    Lou :-)