Saturday, 1 October 2011


Well, it has been a long time since my last post. Things got hectic a couple of weeks ago, between the last week of school, a house inspection, many visitors, our 10 year anniversary, that I took a slight break, planning on making up for it last week when we were on holidays. We rented a holiday house in Phillip Island for a week. I figured I would have plenty of time to catch up on blogging. I hadn't counted on access to internet being mostly non-existent.

So, during the last two weeks, I have been spending a LOT of time mindblogging. Do you do that? I asked a IRL friend blogger if she mindblogged, and she said, 'ALL.THE.TIME.'.

My most productive time for mindblogging is doing the dishes, when I have my rubber gloves on, and there is no way I could write down the ideas I have.

The thing is, I find it really hard to remember the ideas I have of what I want to blog about. Even when I do remember, I often find it hard to get it down onto the computer, mostly because I know it was so much better the first time. When I wrote it in my head.

I am wondering, is this a common problem?
Do you have a solution?


  1. Well, I'm assuming that was me as you know I do it ALL.THE.TIME! If only I had a dictaphone that I could just speak right into at the clothes line (my mindblogging hotspot) ....actually I do have that ability on my phone... maybe I'm on to something...

  2. So good to see you back blogging: what a wonderful photo.
    I hope that the weather was to hear all about it.
    And...anniversary2? I was sure I read about you celebrating your anniversary earlier in the year!

  3. Hello Miss Sannah

    lovely to "see" you again

    I hope you had a fabbo time though on holiday.

    Oh yes - all the time - never stop thinking of posts to write and only to vaporise into the bloggersphere - maybe there will end up with a pollution problem one day with too many blog thoughts floating around.

    I (one day) want to check out the voice recognition software available.
    it might help if I can learn to dictate correctly (like my brother can - he uses voice recognition software for his work)

    anyway - we will work out a solution won't we?



  4. Yes, I'm a fellow sufferer. I dont have any brilliant solutions I've resorted to repeating it in my head and then running as fast as I can to computer or pen and paper. Emma and might be on to something; I should try and use my voice recorder app on the phone, if it's not too inconvenient to do so.

  5. Yes Emma, that was you! Didn't know whether I should identify you openly as a fellow sufferer! :)
    @ Frances, yes, we celebrated our anniversary earlier because of available childminding, but actual day was spent dropping various children off to various engagements, and then doing a spot of furniture shopping - how romantic ;-)
    @Loulou and Veronica, glad to see we aren't alone!

  6. Just had to add what I found out today - that the new iPhone 4S has a ton of new features including dictaphone type options. That might help with the lost posts via mind blogging!