Friday, 21 October 2011


I haven't been particularly good with blogging recently. I have lost momentum. Big time.

I am just not managing to do everything, which means that I feel like I am not doing anything well.

One of the reasons I am finding it hard to get things done is because of my terrorist toddler. She is going through a very '2' year old phase. Which is perhaps fitting seeing as she is 2. However, my second child didn't have a two year old phase, never had a tantrum, was always good at reasoning, listening, doing what he was told, etc. I stupidly, (and smugly), thought it had something to do with parenting. My third child has taught me that I was mistaken in this belief.

Rocket got the wrong box out of the bookshelf while looking for the Wii games. He mistakenly removed the puzzles and games box from the top shelf (where it can't be reached by little people), and put in on the couch (within Molly's reach). He then came and puzzled to me that he couldn't find what he was looking for in the box. Two minutes later I came out to help in find what he was looking for - this is the chaos that had ensued in the meantime.....

An afternoon spent putting puzzles back together to check we had all the pieces before putting back in the box. Not fun, and didn't feel productive. Puzzles are not my strong point, even ones that are designed to be simple enough for preschoolers.


  1. What a fun day you had!! We have one of those destructive days too. I'm just going to shut the door on it and ignore it for a while! Isn't it fascinating how kids can be so different, yet come from same family, same parenting. I love it!

  2. Definitely sounds like one of those days Sannah!!
    Just keep repeating..."And this too shall pass!"
    Have a great weekend!