Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hollandaise - daze

Perfectly soft poached free-range eggs topped with a good dollop of hollandaise is one of my favourite things in life. When out shopping on weekend mornings, I glance longingly at cafes where people are eating Eggs Benedict (hollandaise and ham), Eggs Florentine (hollandaise and spinach), or Eggs Atlantic* (hollandaise and smoked salmon).
Yum. All things good.

However, I barely ever go out for breakfast. It is something that has to be done in relative peace, and you should be able to linger. Linger is no longer something I am able to do now that I am a mother. At least not at places I want to linger.  Apparently we can linger at the toy store however.

So go alone I hear you saying?
I know I could, but it is just more satisfying going with someone else. Weekend breakfast has everything to do with love, and should be shared with those we love, our friends and our family.
It also feels like an overindulgence to go alone, and that takes the gloss off a little for me.
So, it just doesn't happen.

The other day however, I decided to attempt Hollandaise at home. I was nervous, figured it would be a disaster, and that I would be the only one who would eat it, even if it worked.

Imagine my surprise when....

Perfect, creamy, prehaps just a little more than a dollop of delicious-ness on a plate....mmmm...heaven.....

What is your favourite breakfast food? 
Do you have things you love to eat when you are out that you don't attempt when you are at home?

*At least that is what our local cafe calls it. 


  1. hello Sannah

    now that looks gorgeous - how very chef like and professional of you.

    I want a bowl of that now please :)) (I do ask for it on the side so I can control the calories) :)

    take good care lovely

    x Loulou

  2. Hollandaise sauce is one of my favorites... especially on eggs. YUM!

  3. i have never been a fan of this sauce, though it does look very good in your photo. i order a lot of salmon and fish when i am out. just because i love it so much.

  4. When I go out for breakfast, I'd get myself Waffles with strawberries and chocolate sauce. Only because I don't have a waffle maker. YET.