Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pink Tutu Headband - creative space

A few weeks ago I had a go at making a headband to go with the no-sew tutu that I made for my little girl. Have a look here for lots of other creative ideas!
First I covered a headband with ribon, securing it to the headband using hot glue
I cut several pieces of tulle into small lengths, about 12 cm long
I attached them to the headband using the same method I used to make the no-sew tutus
And this is what it looked like finally done. My little girl won't try it on, but when my little boy put it on it made him look a bit like the statue of liberty. Might need a little bit of a trim.


  1. What a cute idea for a party! Looks great. Love that you went to the effort and she wont put it on!

  2. I had to giggle at the statue of liberty comment!

  3. Small girl wouldn't try on the skirt either would she? Contrary! Maybe don't trim it till you get it on her, cause it might not look to long in curly hair.