Saturday, 17 August 2013

Book Week

After changing her mind about what she wanted to be for book week at Kinder she finally settled on Angelina Ballerina. We had found the perfect dress the week before at an op-shop.

We spent the day before finding some mouse ears and on the morning before Kinder I added a pink bow and elastic so they wouldn't fall off.

Perfect, now she just had to get into the dress.

The dress. Where was the dress??

Not hanging up.
Not in the wash.
Not in the playroom.
Or in her drawers.
Or under her bed.
Or outside.
No dress.

She was ok about wearing a different dress, and still looked sweet, but it wasn't the way it was meant to be.

5 hours at kinder. 5 hours for me to search for the dress.
Minutes before picking her up, my peripheral vision picked up a patch of pink. In my hanging shoe rack.
She had stuffed and scrunched the dress into a shoe sized hole in my wardrobe. Of course. Why hadn't I thought to look there!?!

I took the dress to kinder, and she was able to wear it for the last 5 minutes.

When I took her home and showed her where I had found it, she said 'I remember I put it there'.
Of course.

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  1. Hilarious! So glad she didn't mind not having it. What a wonderful Mama you are for bringing it down to her. xo What a beautiful beautiful picture that is. We have to get our girls together for a play!