Saturday, 23 July 2011

I'm grateful for... a quiet mind.

This week I am grateful for a quiet mind. I've been thinking a lot about mindfulness recently, something that helped me get through a really unpleasant part of my life a few years ago after my second baby was born. I don't always have a quiet mind now, but is isn't the destructive centre of chaos that it was a few years ago. I am really grateful for the skills that I learnt during that time, and I want to practise them more to try and find more harmony in my life - and to try and get rid of headaches!!

* Playing along with a grateful post with BabyMac


  1. A quiet mind is something that is taken for granted Before Children. But afterwards, so super special! xx

  2. Ha! Ditto to what Kymmie said.

  3. I love the toadstool pic!

    I enjoyed this post. A quiet mind is definitely something we should all appreciate. I'm blessed to finally have that! Births have also played havoc in my mind, but for the most part I am not quite quiet! And quite appreciative too.

    Peace to you! xx