Friday, 15 July 2011

Allergies suck

We have now lived in this lovely city for a tad over 7 months. There is so much to love about the glorious town of Melbourne, the shops, the food, so many things to see and do. There is just one thing getting me down; my sinuses. My sinuses and Melbourne are not a happy match. There have been a couple of months over winter that I have been symptom-free, but a couple of weeks ago when the weather changed to being wetter and windier, the headaches and fatigue returned. I find it SO frustrating, as there are so many things I want to get done, but for a good part of the day I feel like I just need to curl up and sleep, and feel that the cold patch of cement on the path looks pretty comfortable, or the steering wheel, or wherever I happen to be at the time. Zander has been having his own issues with it, although his main symptom is sneezing. At around the same time that my symptoms retreated, Zander's sneezing did as well, but unfortunately for my little darling it was replaced by an Asthmatic cough that has lingered for several months. He wants to move. Where? ANYWHERE!!! he says. Just not here. On days when my sinuses are particularly bad, I'm tempted to agree.

Have you experienced allergies or hayfever? How much does it impact your life?
Does anyone have a miracle cure? (That doesn't involve moving states?)


  1. Hey, your picture is blank, do you know ...except for a little red cross in the corner.

  2. No, I didn't know that - thanks. Although your description of blank with a little red cross is a pretty accurate description of my brain at the moment - maybe I should have left the picture alone :)

  3. Grief on your allergies.
    Do allergies have anything to do with the health of your immune system?
    I have read that the initiative and power that martial arts gives you, really strengthen this.
    Worth a go?
    Many mothers don't care for themselves enough.

  4. I spend a good part of my day wishing I could curl up and sleep too and I don't even have allergies! Can't be fun to be so affected - hoping it's not enough to actually make you leave!!