Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What on earth could be better than blogging?!?!

I've dropped off the radar somewhat. I just don't have time for everything, and although I would like to give up sleep, when I try to sleep less I also find that I seem to function much less well. So it seems that I just can't get everything done. I have been visiting the Fly Lady's site to try and learn how to get my house tidy. It still isn't tidy, but I definitely feel better doing something, and I guess that in truth that has meant that I don't feel the need to procrastinate quite so much (eg; blogging).

However, the real thing is that I just can't get enough of photography at the moment. I think I may have mentioned that I did a course recently on Photography. Since then, I have borrowed every book I can from the library on Photography and Photoshop (the next big step for me), and have them piled beside my bed and I am trying to inhale them as quickly as possible. I have also spent quite a bit of time playing with photoshop and trying to learn the basics. It is all making me really happy.

The photo above is from yesterday. I bought some black fabric at the Lincraft sale as a back drop, and used Zander's Ikea lamp as my light (not quite good enough, I might need to buy another) and set up a makeshift portrait studio. My children humored me and let me take pictures of them (molly may wasnt very keen, but stayed still enough for me to get this one). Now I just need to buy a better light and I can have some more fun. Or maybe save up to buy some real lights!

Is there something you do in your spare time that makes you really happy?
Do you have spare time?

* Edit - just re-reading this, and obviously I think my children are better than blogging also, they are the centre of my universe, and nothing can compete with that.


  1. I seem to go in cycles with this sort of issue Sannah. I certainly feel the need to have things 'ticking along enough' on the home front to legitimise time spent on the computer, or sewing, or thinking about sewing/crafting (which is more where it's at currently!). But they key thing is just aiming for 'sorted enough'. If I get too obsessed about needing the home running like clockwork before I allow myself to have 'spare time', it becomes too big a task, and then it escalates and I feel resentful and then I procrastinate by blogging etc all over again. So I try to allow 'spare time' every day, even when there are zillions of other things to be done. Kind of like 'all things in moderation' rather than going on a diet ;)

  2. I think you just described a large part of my life Gina with the cycle of trying to aim for a perfectly functioning household before doing anything for myself, followed by it seeming to be impossible because I am aiming for perfection, so I give up and procrastinate. I shall aim for moderation!!