Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mindful Eating - part 2

I haven't done quite as well as I would have liked with the mindful eating in the past couple of days - I have done it once. I have been more aware of what I eat, but have only done proper mindful eating once. It was yesterday, I had made dinner, the boys were sick (therefore not hungry), and Papa Bear decided to take Molly May for a walk before dinner. I was starving, so I grabbed a bowl of soup and, excited by the prospect of 10 mins uninterupted, I automatically headed for the computer to read a couple of blogs and check my email. Then I stopped myself, and realised that this was a rare opportunity to eat mindfully, so I reluctantly did. I sat at the table, facing out to the garden where it was softly sprinkly rain and the sky was grey. I listened to the sounds around me, inhaled my food, lingered over the taste and creamy texture of my hot fennel and leek soup. As I consumed it, I felt consumed by the experience. It was wonderful.

Taking time out to eat as a mum can be hard enough, let along getting a bit of peace to try and do it mindfully. Have you had the chance to try it yet?
* Just came across Diary of a SAHM's new IBOT link through My Big Nutshell, so am joining in


  1. Yay for finding time to yourself. My guys were brilliant at entertaining themselves & i would sew (read: go into trance with my designing) then suddenly, they were all at school & i had 6 hours a day to skip around & high 5 myself or a job well done on the first part of raising them, now i can do whatever i wish. Love Posie

  2. Hi Sannah, thanks for linking up!

    I am such a hurried eater, I never really enjoy it. Yet everyday for lunch. I won't eat until the little ones are down for a nap. I hate being interrupted, and I so enjoyneating my lunch on my own, own the couch, watching a show I love.
    Such a simple pleasure but I love it.

  3. Yes, it's a wonderful habit!