Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Fun

It has been so long since I blogged that I barely no how to get back into it (life got in the way), so I thought I would go with something simple.

I thought I might share with you one of my all time favourite Christmas sites - the Norad Santa Tracker.

Officially there are only  4 days until Santa leaves the North Pole and starts his journey! (yes, I am terrified that it is that close too). You can follow it online, with the Norad Santa tracker. There is also a Kids countdown village with lots of fun (and educational) games for kids.

I sometimes shun away from things that are overtly trying to make my children believe that Father Christmas is really true (issues with lying to them), but I find the Norad Santa tracker a little bit irresistible, and if nothing else has games on it that distract me from all the things I need to get done before christmas!!

You can use google earth to track Santa's progress, and apparently this year you can follow on Facebook, twitter, and there is also an App.

Do you have any Christmas sites that you particularly like?


  1. That's a cute idea ! Amazing how Christmas traditions have inspired the digital and social media world :)

  2. Have you seen portable north pole (www.portablenorthpole.tv) You can create a personalised video message from Santa. It's just gorgeous!

  3. Ooh this sounds fun! We don't do Santa for the same reasons, but I would love to look at it for my own amusement!

    Welcome back, by the way :)