Saturday, 7 April 2012

Playing with Lightroom

This photo was taken in Bushy Park in England, not far from Hampton Court Palace.
I came across this photo recently, and quite like it, so I decided to play with it a bit in Lightroom

I decided to see what it looked like in black and white...

Then I decided to vignette it a bit

Then I decided to make it look a bit old with a sepia look
Then I decided to see what the sepia would look like without the vignette
Then I decided to see what it would look like cropped a bit closer and off-centre in black and white

And then I started liking the colour again and decided to crop it pretty close off-centred to the opposite side.
Still not sure what I like best.
I am playing with lightroom more at the moment because I miss my camera.
Do you use photo editing software? What do you use?


  1. I'm a lightroom girl too, love it. I love the black and white with vignetting.

  2. Hi Sannah! These are interesting to look and also very beautiful! I like best the last one. So dreamy and cute! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! -mona-