Thursday, 19 May 2011

Healthy Muffins..

Pear and Oatbran Muffins
I love to cook, or at least I love to cook when the food is well received and appreciated. Unforutunately, this is rare, unless the food is known and was liked in the past. My children are my harshest critics when it comes to food; and have a range of dislikes that have to be accommodated. For example, none of them likes sauce. This rules out: spaghetti bolognaise, tomato sauce, tuna mornay, pasta carbonara, strogonoff, berry coulis, etc. Until recently they all would have ruled out chocolate sauce, but although it is a rarity in our house, they are coming around on that one.
I would however, like to broaden the usual meals that I cook, and at the same time try to look to increasing the health factor of what I make. Today I experimented with some pear and oatbran muffins. Pear because there were four of them sitting on the bench looking very sad, because my children don't seem to eat pears. Oatbran, because I was reading the Dukan diet the other day, after hearing that Kate Middleton's weightloss prior to her wedding was due to this, and Pierre Dukan is a big advocate of Oatbran being very healthy.  
Stirring is busy work
Baby needed to help
 My littlest person has tried them, and ate some of it, but she is not a fan of cakes usually, so I wasn't expecting a big response from her. The big challenge is to see how they will be received when the school boys get back this afternoon.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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