Friday, 20 May 2011

Perfect Morning!

Photo by a 'real' photographer
The red smear next to her lip is from where she applied her lipstick this morning
Through the branches you can just see the photographer, I didn't know the etiquette about photographing someone elses shoot, which is what I really wanted to do, so I took this one from quite a distance instead.

Molly May and her Monkey

running through the autumn leaves

Me and Molly May

When Molly May realised that the Model from the swamp was outside the cafe window


Molly May and I had the most perfect morning this morning. It was a typical overcast autumn morning, but instead of doing the usual grocery shopping, we decided instead that we would go to the Heide Museum of Modern Art. We arrived, and discovered that it didn't open until 10am, so we went for a little walk through the gardens and into Banksia Park instead. We were wandering along a rather secluded path when I heard a woman screaming. I thought hesitantly ventured a little futher to see what was happening, and realised that she was screaming because she was lying in a pond. She must have been freezing, given that it was probably only 7 degrees! It seemed that we had inadvertently come across a photo shoot. The photography had about 4 different camera set up with amazing looking lenses, and was getting the model (who was in a sexy red dress and full makeup) to do lots of different looks and poses while lying there in the muddy swamp! Molly May was astonished and kept asking over and over 'what is she doing?'. The model kept catching Molly May's eyes and chuckling. Molly May just wanted to stay and watch, so we did for quite a while, which secretly I was so happy about, because for me it was amazing being able to watch a professional photographer at work.
I have just started to do a photography course, which is something that I have wanted to do for years. I did photography for the HSC, and have always loved it, but had time to learn more, so I am SO excited about doing this course. We have had three lessons this week, and it was the main reason that we were at Heide this morning, so that I could practice, and was the rationale I was using for not feeling guilty about being there instead of doing housework.
We went for a little wander, and I took lots of pictures of Molly May and the Autumn leaves, and then she wanted to go back to 'meet the people', so we walked past the photographer and model again (who were just packing up and said hi). The photographer said 'let me take a few pictures of you two with your camera!. How exciting! To get photo's of us on my camera by a professional photographer!! I felt very lucky :)
Then Molly May and I headed to the cafe at Heide for a warm cocoa and coffee. The photographer and the model showed up soon after, and the photographer met his next clients who were a couple with a toddler.
Apart from the ones with me in them, the other photos are ones I took. What do you think? Are there any you are drawn to? I find the theory of the photography much easier than the practice, and find it really hard to judge my own photos, so I would love some feedback!

* and no, we didn't end up actually going to the museum, maybe next time if we don't get so distracted!


  1. What an interesting day! My favorites are the one of her drinking and the one of her looking over her shoulder and I actually really like the tree shot too. Nice free photo shoot too - such a beautiful location Heide - I've never been inside - we always go for the gardens and the cafe!

  2. Molly May is just precious!!