Friday, 20 May 2011

School Lunches

Frog, Goose and Bear's mum is on a quest for healthy (ish) lunch ideas for school. My boys at the moment are happy with a fair bit of repetition and simplicity, which makes my life less complicated in the mornings, but I do like the idea of trying a little bit harder, especially for 6year old Rocket who doesn't mind a bit of variety (9 year old Zander doesn't really like change - a bit melancholic and choleric when it comes to temperaments). Something that has worked in the past is my version of Fajita's.  I know that they are technically not Fajita's, but nonetheless that is what we call them in our house! Basically, I take 1 tortilla and place it on a non-stick pan over medium heat, top a little scattering of grated cheese, then some ham, then a little more grated cheese, then top with another tortilla. The second lot of cheese is just to ensure it sticks to the top tortilla. Once the cheese has started to melt, flip it over to brown the other side slightly
I use ham and cheese for the children, because I know they like it, but I have used leftover bolognaise sauce for grown ups which is yum. Some ideas I would like to try and shredded chicken and avocado; tuna and corn; and feta and pumpkin. Technically you could probably use almost any combination you like and experiment with different flavours. We sometimes have these as a quick and easy dinner served with a green salad, but when there are leftovers (which is rare), they go straight from the fridge into the lunchboxes the next morning and always get eaten.


  1. Sounds delicious, Sannah. I imagine this would be a great way to serve up pastaish leftovers for lunch too!! x

    PS - 'Hi!' x

  2. Definitely good for pastaish leftovers Maxabella, or maybe roast veggie leftovers?

  3. Susannah - thanks so much for linking in! I do sometimes make these for Goose. I do it in the toasted sandwich maker with ham and cheese and they are a winner! but thanks to you I am going to try some other ingredients in there! I guess as long as its got cheese it'll stick together...
    If only she'd eat leftovers! Leftovers are my favorite lunchtime food!

  4. I myst try this with my four boisterous bairns. We use tortillas as wraps, must try frying. Bacon and cheese might work well.