Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Welcome to the Snuggery

noun /ˈsnəgərē/ 
snuggeries, plural
A cozy or comfortable place, esp. someone's private room or den; cubby: a small secluded room

 After Blogging virtually privately (just close friends and family) for the past two years, I have decided to make the leap into the big wide world. At first I thought that I would just try harder with my original Blog and make it publicly searchable; but somehow that didn't feel right; a new fresh start felt right.

The house where I grew up in had a Snuggery. It was (and still is) a cosy room,with cut glass windows where light streams through in rainbows, full of antiques and memories, and a light globe that hasn't needed to be changed for more than 37 years. A place that has always welcomed guests, and has drawn them in to feel like part of the family, even if only for an evening. My virtual Snuggery is where I am trying to create the same safe, cosy place. It is also how I would like to be able to describe my life, and how I parent, but I don't feel I am there yet. I am on a journey, constantly trying to evolve and feel that I have finally created a 'Snuggery'.

I am a mum to three gorgeous little people, aged 2, 6, and 9.  They are my inspiration; my universe. In the life of my eldest, we have moved 8 times, and lived in 6 cities, 4 different states, and 2 countries. There hasn't been a lot of geographical stability for any of us. Up until the last move, this hasn't particularly bothered me, but something has changed, and now I want to put down roots. I want to ensure that I have stability, the problem is that I don't have much control over the geographic nature of our life (that would be to do with the love of my life); so I am going to create the Snuggery instead.

So, welcome to the snuggery. Feel free to settle in with a nice glass of red, or curl up with a nice warm blanket, warm your feet by the open fire; and join me in creating a Snuggery for me and my family.

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  1. Hello, what a lovely welcome to your blog. I love the idea of a snuggery, a place to snuggle. Did you grow up in Sweden?? A snuggery sounds Swedish or at least a feature of chillier climes than Australia. I grew up in Scotland, so do fully appreciate how lovely a warm place to snuggle can be.