Monday, 5 September 2011

point + shoot - camelias + ice + rocks

zander finds cool shaped rock
molly may caught eating ice under the camelia bush
Rocket and Molly May eating ice and hopefully not too many camelia petals.
the rocket places a pink petal behind his ice and magically creates 'pink ice'
ice and petals is SO much fun!

* Yes, that would be my children playing in the camelia bush and eating the leftover ice that has been thrown into the garden. They have no standards when it comes to ice.

playing along with point + shoot with Sunny + scout


  1. That is too funny! My litte guy would have joined them. Isn't it gorgeous, the way they find random stuff in life and create joy?!

  2. Hello Sannah

    I genuinely smiled when I looked at these photos - they look gorgeous and cheeky little munchkins :)

    thanks for sharing your personal life



  3. wonderful ice, the little ones raided the freezer for ice when we were in the vegie patch last week. Some things you don't see coming.

  4. I WAS kind of wondering why there was ice under the camellia tree... love the pink ice.

  5. Thanks for sharing moments of your family life! But no Brazilian for me! Reading about it is painful enough!
    Have a nice week!

  6. love the pink ice. what better way to eat it :) have a lovely week.

  7. What sweet photos! I was giggling at these pics, they are perfect. : )